I know I’m late on this one, but so what. I just don’t care. I was outraged when it happened and was re-enraged when I stumbled upon this again online.

Surely you must recognize this talented bill board charting artist? Why this is Antoine Dodson, better known as singer of the auto tune track “Bed Intruder Song”. Prior to a news segment he appeared on, he was better known as that ghotto ass negro who was sweeter than a bake sale, down in Alabama. But this is just one of the many mile markers that chart the distance and speed with which society is sliding into the unflushed toilet of the cosmos. If you don’t know Antoine’s story, then by all means feel free to read it here . . . . . ON HIS WIKIPEDIA PAGE!!!
In short, not unlike most radio artists of today, a talentless bastard has his non talent barely masked by auto tune and then put to music. And of course this got him a record deal and he actually made it to #89 on the billboard top 100.
But it gets even better. This is Antoine at the BET Hip Hop awards.

Yet, BET is beside itself, struggling to figure out why it gets no respect . . . . even from the blacks! Now I have nothing against Antoine. The man had an opportunity put in front of him and he made the best of it. In fact, the money Antoine made from his single gave him enough money to move himself and his family out of the hood. Jay-Z is called a business genius for this same type of Pavlovian response. So we could be looking at the next Jay-Z like success story. And the best part is, with a simple wardrobe change, he can be Beyonce as well.

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