Chris Brown has definitely been through a long, tremendous journey personally and professionally. With five successful albums including his recent project Fortune, Chris’s image has changed over time from the boy next door to a sex symbol. With tracks like “No Bullshit” and “Take You Down” off of his previous albums, it is no surprise here how quickly his fans have positively responded to this change of his. As he gets older and more mature, so does the content of his music. With sexual ballads and undertones of explicit sexual encounters, Chris Brown will continue to make music that his fans desperately need to hear from the r&b crooner. Nothing in his personal life could even stop his professional success when the media tabloids exposed the physical altercation that occurred between him and his ex girlfriend r&b/pop singer Rihanna. It seems as though the incident may have boosted his career. Brown has in fact redeemed himself as a man who takes responsibility for his actions despite losing fans over the altercation. He has definitely made a name for himself and it looks like he has no plans of leaving the game anytime soon. Collaborations with artists such as Tank, Kanye West and Tyga (whom which he also made a mixtape with) prove that Chris is here to stay. Listening to Fortune, he does have some great party hits anyone would want to dance to. He doesn’t disappoint when it comes to wooing the ladies with tracks like “Sweet Love” and “Stuck on Stupid”. While the direction of his latest album has become more versatile in style with up-tempo house like sounds, it fits him well with the change of how r&b is going. His music is greatly improving and becomes better after each project. Despite what he has been through in his personal life, his experiences has made him to become a much stronger artist in r&b. We should continue to support his artistry and look past on what could have destroyed his career. It looks like he’s coming back on top.

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