50 Cent & Ciara Happier Times

I was on twitter on January 29, 2011 which was a Saturday. I follow 50 Cent on Twitter but not Ciara. And I see 50 Cent is on Twitter tweeting about pimping a bitch, come work for him and choose the right pimp. So I sent him a tweet like please stop 50. I knew he was kidding though, just on twitter talking a little smack. I had no idea that he was speaking of Ciara or too Ciara at all because I thought these were just random thoughts he was having. According to sources he was talking to Ciara because she made a comment back saying, “the things people tweet say a lot about their character.” Then 50 cent says, “Yea I tweet about things that reflect my character bitch. I have a sense of humor get one. Lol that’s why your 3 million followers behind me.” Ciara then says, “ooh tell em why you mad B.”

I thought these two ended things nicely never having anything to say about one another when doing interviews, but we all knew it would end. 50 Cents and Ciara couple made in hell. Ciara is still growing into a woman and 50 Cent is a grown man who needs a lady on his level. Example Tyra Banks…… Ciara just have fun live your life and hell what you did to Bow Wow karma is a bitch so suck it up and keep it moving….. Whatever the reason 50 Cents is mad at you we won’t know unless you speak up otherwise don’t bring it up! He clearly is done with you because once a man calls you a BITCH the respect is gone!!

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