Curtis Jackson has a new role for a part of a 10-picture deal with Lions Gate under his Cheetah Vision imprint, 50 Cent will star in the upcoming movie Freelancers. The film will be directed by Soul Plane director Jessy Terrero, who has previously worked with 50 on the movie Gun and two other 50 Cent video projects, The Massacre: Special Edition and 50 Cent: The New Breed.

Curtis Jackson will portray the son of a slain NYPD officer who joins the force and is welcomed by his father’s former partner into the ranks of his vice crime task force—and on to a team of rogue Gotham cops,” writes Dave McNary of Variety.Filming begins March 28 in Grand Rapids, Mich. The Film was written by Phillipe Cassius.”

Some of 50’s previous acting roles include Righteous Kill; Get Rich or Die Trying, Twelve and the aforementioned Gun. The multi-platinum rapper also has five movies in preproduction, including a role in Things Fall Apart that required him to lose over 50 pounds in nine weeks.

I hope everything is a success for 50; he can do no wrong in my eyes… My advice; watch the rapid weight loss tactics because you could be doing more harm than good to your body.

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