Despite my vexation, Amber Rose, a former stripper turned whatever she is, is getting her own show on Jamie Foxx’s Sirius/XM station. Reportedly, the show will feature Amber and some of her friends, and will most likely be called “Amber N The Roses.” Anyway, the Philadelphia native paid a visit to Jamie Foxx’s “Foxxhole Radio” the other day to talk up the show and some other stuff. Check out the highlights:


“It’s so funny because I’ve kind of been a celebrity for two years and people are just hearing my voice for the first time. Me and all my girls here are going to have a lot of fun and make people laugh.”


“I never wanted to be famous it just happened to me. I literally was with someone that I loved very much and we were out people would say ‘Kanye I love you but can you snap a picture of me and Amber real quick?’ Me and Kanye were in a very committed relationship. When I was out with Kanye, I became famous. He was with a girl for six years [Alexis Phifer] that he was going to marry. What’s her name again?”

Alexis, girllll, I know you’re bourgeois and all, but now would be the time to discover your inner ghetto chick by taking off your earrings and putting on the Vaseline!!! By the way, Amber also mentioned how she feels she’s grown as a person because of how her life has changed. The former “South Philly hood rat” (her words, not mine) said, “I feel like I grew up. [I'm] more cultured. I’ve traveled the world now, I’ve learned more things [and] I’ve learned how to speak well.” Blank stare…did she just say she “learned how to speak well???” That’s too easy, so I’ll just leave that one alone.

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