Newly appointed ‘celebrity’ Amber Rose has will soon be ‘officially’ named the face of Steve Madden shoes.  A deal that came about a few months back took some time to close because not only is Amber expected to be the face of the line but to have her own “Madden & Rose” line that ideally will be ‘a touch’ edgier than the:  Steve Madden, STEVEN shoe brand.

The deal came about via Amber’s management team, who had direct connections to Madden’s people.  A few weeks later it was in the works and now—expected to debut in the Fall 2012, the line will showcase cutting edge fashions from boots to sandals and even tennis shoes!

Amber Rose does not plan on stopping there however.  She will be releasing a series of books, yes books—as well as ripping the runway for some of Fashion’s most elite designers.  A master-minded marketer—a lot of Amber’s projects will be released one after the other.

Surprisingly, Amber Rose has turned down the opportunity to star in her own reality show because she did not want to portray herself in a way that would mislead her fans.

“I just want to keep it cute.  I just want to keep it moving [after my relationship with Kanye West].”    -Amber Rose.

Well one thing is for sure, Amber has certainly kicked up her business know-how a few notches.


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