basketball wives season 3So the girlfriends/wives are back for Basketball Wives Season 3 starring Shaunie , Evelyn, Tami, Jennifer, and Suzie, Royce and new basketball wife Tameka wife of former basketball player Speedy Claxton where there is  more drama and gossip then ever. I just wanted to share to this preview clip with you courtesy of Shaunie O’Neal. She recently shared the clip via twitter and now I want you to take a look…

P.S. Looking at this clip Evelyn needs to get her ass whooped this season with all the stuff she is doing. Also Evelyn Lozada and Chad Williams are no longer together according to her tweet earlier this week via twitter. @itzDiante asked do you and Chad still talk? Evelyn responded “No I can’t stand his “BULL SHIT RIDIN ASS” lol.  But you will see Chad appear on the show…

Basketball Wives Season 3 Previews:

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