I hate to sound like an old bastard, but what is this world coming to? Well, I actually know the answer to that, but this just makes you have to ask anyway. There seems to be a movement on Facebook (which should discredit it immediately) to have “Sesame Street” not only ‘admit’ that Bert and Ernie are gay, but have them get married in the grimy streets of Sesame. Seriously, don’t these people have to update their “I have no life but I’m gonna force it on you anyway” page? What the fuck is wrong with people, that they must politicize puppets to further their own agendas?


Weren’t one of those creatures that looked like they had multiple skin grafts after they were splashed in the face with acid, supposed to be gay? I think it was one of those Teletubbies. The one in the purple suit. In the 70′s he would have been a pimp, but these days he’s gay. See, what is this world coming to? In either case, it just seems ridiculous, and circumstantial at best. If Sesame Street came out and said that Bert and Ernie were actually gay, then I think it would be cool to have them get married. I would get their commemorative plates before I got that bullshit royal wedding crap. But you have to give me a little more than, they live together, to imply homosexuality. Did Bert ever give Ernie long, hot sponge bathes? I never saw Ernie peeing sitting down. And they never whispered and giggled to themselves whenever Mr. Snuffleupagus sauntered by. Judging by the size of his nose, he must have had a huge dick, and a gay Bert and Ernie would have surely noticed.


Not to mention, Felix and Oscar lived together. Fred and Lamont lived together (although that would have been really sick) And although Starsky and Hutch didn’t live together, if you watch the opening credits, there is a scene where they end up in each others arms after an explosion. I didn’t see Starsky punch the shit out of Hutch for bumping crotches. But that doesn’t mean they were gay. If you want gay, go beat down the door at Warner Bros. I can’t tell you how many times Bugs Bunny kissed other male cartoon characters on his show. He seemed to be particularly fond of Elmer Fudd. Probably because he had that same vulnerability as Heath Ledger had in “Broke Back Mountain”. Elmer seemed pissed, but he still kept coming back. There’s gayness all up in that. If any children’s characters should come out of the closet, and have a gay marriage it’s those two. YOU HEAR ME FACEBOOK? Ease the razors from your pathetic wrists, and start a petition about that!

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