New ‘BaBey’ Line for Bey!

beyonce baby clothing line

 The pregnant pop-star has not showed any signs of slowing down…one bit!  With a new music video, a new L’Oréal campaign, a new fragrance, a new clothing line— specifically a baby clothing line?!

‘Queen B’ is currently in NYC, working and negotiating business deals with One Step Up—a children’s clothing company—where she is set to embark on a fourth generation of fashion—first her grandmother, then her mother, herself…and now…her baby!

“Sure, I’d like to do a clothing line,” the songstress has said in a recent interview!

Arriving in an all-black Mercedes van, Beyonce wore a pair of Mama J by J Brand “3401″ Maternity Leggings in Hewson while on her way to a business meeting in Manhattan.  Accompanied by her ever-present body-guard, ‘Julius’ [no last name needed]—Beyonce’ was greeted by a multitude of paparazzi who were, surprisingly, very respectful of the Diva’s space, as she graciously stopped and posed for photos!

Beyonce’s “destiny child” is not even out of the womb yet, but seems to already be ‘Up-grading’ the mama-to-be with a new clothing line and who knows, maybe even a nursery rhyme sing-a-long CD!

Whatever the case, just when you thought the super-star’s career couldn’t possibly get any bigger…just wait…until…A Star is Born!



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