beyonce pregnantSo Mrs. Beyonce Carter announced she was pregnant by rubbing her belly on stage while performing on the VMA’s last week on MTV. The news was announced all over the world something like Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson. She is truly an icon, in the past during interviews the super star was always asked about starting a family with her husband Jay Z. And her response was usually “yes I want kids in the future just not right now”. Also in the past it was reported the couple had been feuding about having kids. Everyone knows Jay Z has always been ready.

Now that Beyonce is about to turn 30, reports states that she said this was the best time for her so why wait any longer. Once the announcement was made Jay Z was seen very excited along with the audience and his label mate Kanye West. You would think it was Kanye’s bay the way he responded to the news. Last maybe the hip hop rumors will stop about the marriage being  a publicity stunt as well as allegedly being a part of the illuminati… The couple is expecting early next year so congrats to them!!!


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