I just love a good conspiracy. Usually it involves disgustingly rich, faceless men, soaked in power and the blood of the collateral damage they leave in their wake. But every once in a while it involves fat, unattractive, black boys from Brooklyn. You may remember back in the early 90′s a sloppy kid from the ‘Bedstuy’ projects, linked up with this worthless bastard in sequined track suits, to take control of east coast hip hop. Yes, that would be the ‘Notorious B.I.G’ and ‘P. Shitty’. Then in the spring of 97′ (6 months after they ventilated Tupac) someone put ‘Biggie’ on a crash diet. He lost some weight in his heart and lungs via 9mm slugs. Oh how the rap world sobbed and moaned. Within weeks ‘Biggie’ became the greatest rapper ever (bullshitt!!) and hoards of hip hop youth were waiting to see who the L.A.P.D would beat mercilessly on camera, for executing rap royalty. Aaaannnnnddd they’re still waiting.


You see, here is the conundrum that faces black youth to this day. Even though, for the most part, ignorant blacks are the ones killing other ignorant blacks. The ignorant black witnesses don’t believe in cooperating with the police. The reason for that is simple and to a degree understandable. The reason is because some cops are filthy crooks, just like the filthy crooks they apprehend. They have no qualms about setting up, executing, and otherwise violating the rights of the black youth. A sticky situation, no doubt. But when your momma gets capped, you tell who did it. When two of your rap gods get plugged, it’s time to stop the madness. But no, apparently everyone is content going to their graves with the secret. I hope they don’t meet ‘Biggie’ down there. He won’t be happy at all.


So after 14 years, the F.B.I has finally released it’s documents on the murder. None of which contain the name(s) of who’s responsible. Here are some of the titillating revelations from this report. He was shot with a German Gecko 9mm gun. I guess they still haven’t gotten over Jesse Owens yet. Several L.A.P.D. assassins . . . I mean cops, were working for the security team hired by Death Row Records. It is against L.A.P.D policy for them to do this. See what  I mean about the cops? This plays into the theory that Suge Knight, Death Row CEO,  was behind the Biggie hit. Why would Suge want to kill Biggie? Again, several theories have flown around for years. My guess is that Biggie ate up all the pork rinds at the hip hop parties before Suge got to them. There were documents that discuss Biggies supposed connection to the Genovese crime family in NY. It’s not a huge stretch to believe the ‘W.A.P.S.’ had little ‘wigga’ children who loved Biggie. He probably performed at a couple of their birthday parties . . . . for pork rinds. And last but not least, they have a list of the contents of Biggies pockets.

Georgia drivers license

a pen

0.91 grams of weed

an asthma inhaler

3 condoms

Obviously a typical night in Atlanta for Biggie consisted of him having to get 3 hookers high on weed so he could fuck them (yes even hookers). Then he would need his inhaler cuz he’d probably be close to a massive cardiac event, after the sex. And of course he needed the pen to write down where he put his after sex pork rinds.


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