Here’s one for the “shaking my damn head” files. In case you were not aware of this, and I know I wasn’t, the current surgeon general is a soul sista named Dr. Regina Benjamin. Dr. ReBe (that’s what she likes to be called in bed) attended the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show recently. No she didn’t go there to get her ends did, pick up some extra tracks, or get her hair fried like a bucket of hot wings. Dr. ReBe was there to talk about the fact or fiction, regarding the idea that black women don’t get enough exercise do in part to them not wanting to mess up their hair.

Now before you whites gasp in shock, surely you must have noticed by now that despite the efforts of well intentioned liberals, you are different from the blacks in many ways. One of those ways of course is hair. The chocolate hair doesn’t respond to the elements the way the vanilla hair does. I know it’s been a while but, back in the 60′s and 70′s the blacks had this hair-do called afro’s. The best thing about afro’s was that it didn’t cost shit to create and not much more to maintain. Thats how their hair grows naturally. The shit is though, that in a large section (almost all) of the black community, the natural look , a.k.a. afro’s, have become synonymous with ugliness or lack of beauty, or just not having yo shit tight. Aint that right shamalomoquisha?

So in an effort to “look good” the black soulstress has been getting their hair “did” for years and years and have been spending ass loads of money to do it. So now the thought process is that if I move my gelatinous ass too much, I will have wasted the money I spent on my hair. Because black hair and sweat mix together about as well as black women and black men. So despite the fact that more colored folk are dying from high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiac failure than ever, it seems to be more important to these slovenly morons to look their best as their children’s tears smears the morticians make up they have on as they lay dead in a coffin at the age of 50. Once again, it never fails to amaze me how stupid people are as demonstrated by they idiotic priorities and choices. And just so we’re clear, the saying “putting lipstick on a pig” is not just reserved for political debates. It applies much closer to home as well.

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