Bobbi Kristina And Montana Fishburne pictures

Although Bobby Brown said Bobbi Kristina, his 18-year-old daughter with Whitney Houston, is doing well during a recent interview with my radio show, Street Disciplez Radio, the National Enquirer tells a different story. Reportedly, Whitney is at her wits end trying to get Bobbi Kris to end her wild ways, and recently hooked the wayward teen up with a reality show in attempt to distract her from using drugs. Unfortunately, despite Whitney’s good-hearted attempt to help her daughter, things have allegedly gone from bad to worse, as Bobbi Kris has supposedly become friends with Montana Fishburne, the pockmarked ass having, porn smut daughter of Hollywood actor, Laurence Fishburne. According to a close family friend:

“Whitney thought she was getting Krissi away from her loser druggie friends in Atlanta by keeping her busy shooting a reality show in L.A. But now she’s hanging out with more troubled people!

“Krissi’s even telling Whitney it would be fun to appear in a porn video with Montana! Whitney doesn’t know which way to turn.”

Now let me get this straight…your daughter’s doing drugs, so you send her to Los Angeles, a city where people snort lines of coke right before they have their morning coffee and multiple stints in rehab means a career boast??? Oh yeah, that was a real smart move, SMH.

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