BILLIONZ  - Brooklyns very own…! Performing his smash hit Zero’s

An ordinary man…blessed with an extraordinary gift!

With authentic lyricist with heartfelt stories of life’s struggles and success,
Troy “Billionz” Warren is taking hip hop by storm. Representing Brooklyn NY, Billy Billionz is without doubt one of the most talented artist of our time. His life experiences have provided a well of inspiration. Audiences abroad have been captivated by his ability to create hardcore lyrics for the true rap generation as well as soulful R&B party mixes for the clubs. This versatility, in addition to his obvious appeal and stage presence distinguishes his style from all others.

Beginning as the youngest member of the rap group Organized Rhyme Family (ORF); Billionz recognized his talent and appreciation for hip hop having experienced the tragic loss of his close friend and leader of ORF. From that time till present, Billionz has sought out a career as a Rap Artist.

Billionz has had the pleasure of working with several producers and artist such as DuoLive, Uncle Murda, Eric Sherman, MOP, Teddy Riley, Ransom, Camron, Missy Elliott, and Snoop Dog to name a few. He has successfully opened for Fabolous, TreySongs, and JadaKiss. To add to his accomplishments, Billionz was featured on the top selling sports game of 2009, NBA 2K10. Billionz has most recently completed a tour of 27 states where he opened for Red Man, Method Man, Ghost Face (from the WuTang Clan) and DuoLive.

His new single “Zeros” has been warmly received in the Southern States, specifically Atlanta and continues to gain popularity and radio play throughout the nation. His lyrics are relatable and his ability is undeniable. The story must be told….and Billionz is the lyricist to tell it!

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