If I could choose one artist that became the King of Hip Hop Videos during the 90s, I would have to say Busta Rhymes. Up until his Genesis album, Busta has fallen off the wagon when it comes to creativity in his music videos. Videos such as Gimme Some More, Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See, and Dangerous created entertaining stories that any hip hop head of the 90s would love to view. Not to mention it was his rapping techniques that made him who he is today. While most of us tried to rap the same fast tongued lyrics he created for his projects, he continued to create these stories that truly represented what hip hop was all about – having fun. While I don’t knock him for change or the way that he has evolved over time as an artist, I do think most if not all of his fans appreciated him much more way back then.
Now that he has signed with Cash Money, I hope that he can maintain the same style and lyrical flow as he did back from 96’. His ninth studio album, Year of the Dragon should be a commercial success if he will get the same amount of musical attention as his other labelmates. With his approach towards the rock genre working with Linkin Park, Weezy’s rock influence may rub off on him. Busta is definitely not done yet with reaching his highest peak in music. I think I speak for most fans when I say “We want the old Busta back!” We can only hope he will bring back the art we loss from him as an artist.

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