Change is a necessary part of life. Evolution is the science of change. If we didn’t evolve, then we would be flinging crap at each other  from the trees. It would be like a political election, just literally. Some evolution is bad, like dirty south rap, and reality TV. Some evolution is good, like the internet and by extension internet porn.  There was a time when men would stand on the corners in groups, just waiting for a woman to lift up her long dress when she stepped onto the sidewalk. Just a glimpse of her ankle would make their day. Now, if you look long enough on the net, you might see a chick stick her foot ankle deep into another chicks ass.

Is that a good thing? Well, I’m sure that depends on who you ask. But the more crucial question most folks have is, what effect does that have on our fragile little minds. Well, again, that depends on who you ask. A possible answer came up during a recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. It seems, and hold on to your Preparation H, that anal sex is becoming more popular than it’s been since pervs with PHD’s first started  asking the common folk about the texture of their pubic hair. According to a national sex survey, 40% of women who have reached the age of 24 have admitted to not just trying anal sex, but pulling booty duty on more than one occasion. And the best part is, chances are the number is higher because  women probably just flat out

lied about not getting “dipped in their pit”. There is nothing new or surprising about that. It does mean though, that just about every other woman you meet, will have had, may be continuing to have, and could be willing again, to provide “safe passage”. Noses across the net are no doubt turning up as this article continues. But this is not just the dark corridor of the male mind tanning in the sunlight. According to the study, a higher rate of female orgasms are accompanying their sexual exploration and diversity, including anal sex.

Needless to say, the female still bares the brunt of the risk in said endeavor. But doesn’t it just warm your heart to know that it is not without reward? Lets not forget also, there are unforeseen benefits to an increase  in anal activity. First and foremost, constipation will be an affliction of the past – like polio and scurvy. Identifiable flatulence will become a mere whisper in the confines of the office elevator. And last but not least, the phrase, ‘It’s my time of the month’, will no longer pose a threat to a night of hanky-panky,  rumpy-bumpy, or hoochy- couchy. However, the phrase, ‘I had Whites Castles earlier’, could pose a problem.

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I am THE CSS. Those of you who know me know that I am a man who says pretty much what is on his mind. At times I seem to have little regard for the thoughts or feelings of others. I have been labeled a robot, a monster, detached, and other unfavorable things in my short lifetime. Less than a handful however have ever queried as to why that might be. And to be quite fair, I haven’t extended an invitation to my “inner demons”. Well that is about to change. ... Read More..

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