Formerly signed to Swizz Beatz’s Full Surface label, Cassidy has revealed that he and Swizzy are no longer on speaking terms. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper took to his Twitter page to explain that he hasn’t spoken to his former boss in over a year. Sounds like a Jay Z move to me just learn from the past and move on, cut your losses it over!

Cassidy tweeted:

“@THEREALSWIZZZ don’t even answer my calls anymore: we ain’t speak in over a year: i thought we was fam, but
times change, Smh That why I changed.. Ain’t no love loss.. It is what it is,” he wrote. While the two didn’t have a falling out, Cass explained that Swizz let him focus on his career without his oversight, but no longer speaks to him. “It’s never a war, I’m just speaking my mind.. How can we talk if you never pick up, You said you let me do my own thing ASAP, but what does that have to do wit communicating, since I’m doing my own thing you don’t talk to me anymore.. Thats crazy..,” he continued. “the only reason I’m on twitter is cause that’s the only way I can reach you.. RealRap.”

Advice to Cassidy get over it and move the hell on its obvious
he doesn’t want to bothered besides Swizz has enough problems with the IRS,
being a cheater, and smacking himself in the head for not being a real man. So don’t
feel bad Cassidy you know Karma she’s a BITCH!!!


Signing Off

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