Every era has ONE—a gangsta’ movie that somewhere along the line becomes a ‘cult-classic’ like Bonnie & Clyde, Scarface, the God Father, Good Fellas, Bugsy …

Well, recently joining that list of heavy-hitters’ is SHOTTAS, the film starring:  Ky-Mani Marley (Biggs), Spragga Benz (Wayne), Paul Cambell (Mad-Max) & WyClef Jean (Richie Effs).  It’s the tale of a gangster [Biggs] who lives his life as both hero and villain—desperately fighting for justice in an unjust society—by any means necessary.    Produced by Cess Silvera, the film takes place in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica—allowing a “window” not just to a gangster’s life; but of the “makings” of a gangster:  violent oppression.

SHOTTAS left fans with a “cliff-hanger” of an ending… Was Mad-Max alive?  Did Biggs get away?  Where did he go?  Will government officials go looking for him?  Will Wayne’s father ever step on the scene?  And what ever happened to “Richie Eff” (Wyclef Jean) after he shot ”Dangles” (Jabba Mitchell)?

Well fans can rest assure that many of their questions will be answered in the upcoming TV series!

“It’s a spin-off from the movie itself…it’s also maybe a level above where we left off…I can honestly say—and not just because I’m a part of it but I can honestly say, it grew a lot…It grew from a rob ‘em- stick ‘em up, shootin’ kind of vibe on the street, now it has a storyline behind it.” –Ky-Mani Marley

Well…with that being said, there’s only thing left to say…

“Told you before, Tell you again:  Play time is Ova!  SHOTTAS again!”  #BiGGS# 

About Kasheba:

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When asked, who her favorite Hip-Hop artists the game right now? Ka’Ja looks like a kid in a candy store, “Tinie Tempah, Tyga, Jay-Z, Swizz BeatZ’, Jadakiss—and YES I STILL LOVE TUPAC! Also too, I’d wish Eve would come out with a new album but I do like some of Nicki Minaj’s stuff!!

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