If Trey Day and Passion, Pain & Pleasure had a love child, Chapter V would be it. With its ruggedness yet sex appeal, r&b crooner Trey Songz brings yet another album that seeps into sex filled tracks while not forgetting about the club bangers. “Dive In” and “Panty Wetter”, ballads about Trey getting it in is just a taste of what you’ll get at the start of Chapter V. Of course we’ve all heard his latest hit “Heart Attack” as  it is taking over radio. “Playin’ Hard”, one particular oddly addictive song, leaves Songz room to rap as well as sing about a woman he refuses to well play hard against anymore. Another hit “2 Reasons” pays much respect to the club, featuring King of the South’s own T.I. Chapter V takes a turn with the track “Bad Decisions” about Songz regretting the decisions he has made in a melancholy tone, similar to another track “Fumble”. “Simply Amazing” recognizes his woman’s worth in his appreciation for rock influenced tunes. Chapter V will leave you wanting more after turning each page. If you liked his previous work, you’ll definitely want to hear Chapter V.

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