charlie sheen detroit showCharlie Sheen came to Detroit April 2, 2011 and basically embarrassed himself. He also robbed all of his fans that showed up to see him and supposedly Snoop Dogg. This is what happened: He came out on the Fox stage saying some of the dumbest jokes ever, non- scripted. He also showed a video of Snoop Dogg; let me add that nobody in my city wants to pay their hard earned money to see a video of Snoop Dogg. Well Charlie ended up getting booed off the stage where fans wanted their money back. One fan states he paid $500.00 where he was very disappointed.

I would have never paid to go and see his live. Plus “Two and Half Men was over-rated I was never a fan of the show. The fans also stated that he was definitely not #winning especially in Detroit. Charlie Sheen is a drug attic who needs help with his addiction and mental issues. It was definitely not a surprise to me that his performance was wacky. As for Snoop Dogg very disappointed, I wonder what made him jump on Charlie Sheen’s band wagon… The reason they called it a no show was because everyone was expecting a performance from Snoop but that didn’t happen at least not in person.

P.S. I heard Charlie did well in Chicago. My thoughts are they must be getting hi too.  Look at the report…

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