According to the super star Charlie Sheen acted like a drug attic in a nut shell and bombed in New York this is what happened:

  • “For an hour, Sheen chain-smoked like a criminal—’can I have a f–king cigarette?’—lobbed the F-bomb like a 4-year-old suffering from Tourette’s, and praised Donald Trump as a ‘real f–king dude,” writes the New York Post in a scathing review. If you had any doubts, “Sheen stank up Radio City Music Hall last night like a flatulent goddess.”
  • Sheen credited the term “goddess” as having originated on an adventurous flight with Nicolas Cage that included a blonde stewardess and a 7-gram coke rock, reports People.
  • Of his infamous night at the Plaza, Sheen said: “Next thing I know, she locked herself in the bathroom with my watch and my wallet. Did I throw a chair at the door? Yes. I just wanted my $375,000 watch back.”
  • The show was “an hour-long profanity-laden ramble that was vaguely coherent at best and sordid and self-indulgent at worst,” writes the New York Daily News.
  • Real Housewives of New York‘s Kelly Bensimon was in the crowd, and tells the Daily News “I was confused. I kind of feel unsettled.” Says another audience member: “I’m just glad it’s over so I can get a drink that isn’t crazily overpriced.”
  • The crowd, which “favored 20-something men from the Island loudly drunk on beer, and fat chicks who spilled out of tiny T-shirts emblazoned with “Winning!”, quickly turned sour, notes the Post. Chants of “F–k you, Charlie! F–k you, Charlie!” trailed Sheen as he rapidly departed the stage.

P.S. What happened to Snoop Dogg? I thought he was supposedly doing something on this horrific tour. I told everyone that Chicago must have been high because they loved his show… Once again Charlie Sheen is #LOSING!

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