DAMN CIARA DROPPED FROM JIVE RECORDS reported back on February 9, 2011. According to concreteloop.com, after lack sales for her fourth studio album, “Basic Instinct,” and despite of receiving strong reviews from critics the album has to date sold only around 40k, a far cry from her previous albums. The failure of the album was put down to poor timing, lack of promotion and poor singles. The only exception was the lead single “Ride” with Ludacris, which reached top-ten on the R&B charts.

Insiders say the singer is a drain on label resources because she does not know her artistry and is unable to pin down a unique sound. One insider said that “the label would rather invest in someone like Chris Brown who is proving successful on multiple formats.” This may all be true but I believed Ciara loss her focus after her and Jazzy Pha fell out and she left his label. That’s when I loved CiCi the most, she had one more album after that but once that was over it’s was over for her….

We can’t say we’re surprised! I’m definitely not surprised! Well back to the drawing board Ciara. Keep your head up girl we still love you!

Ciara Featuring Ludacris “Ride” Video:

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