Hi Everyone,

Let me first introduce myself to you and give you a little history of 

my background. I am a health care administrator. I graduated from New York University 

with a degree in Health Care Management.  I have worked in Health Care 

facilities such as Cornell Medical, Columbia University and I am 

currently working in a practice that is affiliated with New York University.

I have worked and continued to work in the field of Health Care for 

about 10+ years of exposure to all kinds of severe health related cases. 

I have also done volunteer work at Goldwater Memorial Hospital and 

moved from different departments that cater to reproduction, gynecology,
substance abuse cases, 
children with autism and asbergers and other sub- departments.
I have seen from young individuals to older individuals encounter

severe consequences with their health due to poor choice decisions when 

it comes to their health. 

My topic today will focus on practicing safe sex.  There are hundreds 

of diseases that are out there that are contracted through not having 

protected sex.  When I say "protected sex" I am referring to using 

condoms which is the safest way to have sex.  Yes I understand that the 

condom can break, but it is 100% more safer than a woman on birth 

control.Most of the time when couples have sex, they are worried about getting


Live Case: A 16 year old girl is having sex with one guy and she thinks 

he is not cheating on her.  She falls in love and becomes emotionally 

attached. She gets on birth control to prevent pregnancy.  She trusts 

him 100% because she is in love with him.  Her parents find out she is 

sexually active and seek assistance for a birth control method for 

pregnancy prevention. 

The office does a thorough check with test administered for cultures 

and STD's including a pregnancy test. Her pregnancy test comes back 

negative, however, her STD test comes back positive for Chlamydia. 

Fortunately for her, this disease is treatable. 

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by bacteria 

that may cause pelvic infection and atypical pneumonia. 

It can also cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and can lead to 

ectopic pregnancy. 

Chlamydia is something that can live dormant in a male genitalia and he 

could not come up positive for but should be treated for it as well. 

Chlamydia can cause infertility in some cases. 

It can also be a sign of a relationship not being monogamous. 

I have a great concern for the youth and their practices of having 

safer sex for their health.  Diseases are sometimes not so easily 

treatable and can have much more severe damage to the body. This 

affects both men and women.

So the question that needs to be answered is:



Queen Love

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