Cory Gunz upcoming MTV reality show, cleverly titled Son of a Gun (the Young Money emcee is the son of Peter Gunz, one-half of the 1990s hip-hop duo, Lord Tareek and Peter Gunz), is ruffling a few feathers with the son of notorious mob boss, Louis “Cock-Eyed” Fratto. Johhny Fratto is accusing the show’s executive producer, actor and comedian Nick Cannon, of ripping off the title from a show he conceived back in 2004. Reportedly, Fratto’s version revolves around “the daily life of a post-mafia family,” and according to TMZ:

“Fratto claims he’s come “very close” to landing a deal with several networks—and even produced two pilot episodes…which he’s still trying to get on the air.”

“Fratto is pissed—claiming Cannon not only jacked his title—but also stole the mafia-themed ‘style’ Fratto has used in his pilot episodes.”

“Fratto has now fired off a cease and desist letter to MTV—ripping Nick as a ‘B-list actor’—and demanding they shut down all plans to move forward with their show…unless they change the title.”

MTV recently announced Son of a Gun (Cannon’s version) would make its debut on the network on Thursday, April 28 at 11pm. In the meantime, I doubt MTV or Cannon gives this legal drama a second thought. SN: Corny Cannon maybe a “B-list actor,” but as long as he’s Mr. Mariah Carey, he’ll always have access to A-list money…I’m just saying.

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