& Hoodlife Movement presents CRACK LATINO:
We have ZAWEZO in the building, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians,
Panamanians, Mexicans, and Latin Americans.
Yes Bilingual HipHop is in the building, they Rap in English and Spanish.
We are reaching out to all of Latino's & Latina's, because you too, are HipHop!
It's a beautiful thing, sounds incredible, and feels right.

Hip Hop culture is global, and we are definitely looking forward to bringing the largest culture in the world to you, in all it’s forms.

Continent by continent, with various languages, styles, perceptions and beliefs.
We are, and Hip Hop is truly GLOBAL!

Filmed & Edited By

CEO: J. Alphonso Griffin

VP: Victor Flowers

Graphics: France ” U Conn ” Connect


About A. Griffin:
HIPHOPWORLD.COM is a Multi-Media Conglomerate, specializing in Internet Broadcasting, Artist Development, Management, Marketing, Music, and Film Production. Our mission is to provide the un-signed, ignored, and unknown talented artist the opportunity to succeed. We are a service provider for the Hip Hop World community. Hip Hop World will educate, prepare, promote, market, produce, film, and package new and existing artist. We will provide the resources, and platform giving artist the opportunity to enter the world stage.

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