One Surprise in the nite was the new sensation from the D, Detroit, you know what I’m saying… He goes by the name LITTLE E, and he is straight fire.. Got more game than a lot of these established Rappers..!
Checkout my Dude Little E, as he prepares to Jack the industry..!

Sheek Louch stacked the deck at his video shoot, he had Jeremiah singing the Hook, GhostFace pimping Shaolin Style, Styles P busting off lyrical shoots, & Jada descending from heaven, with all the cornballs waiting in line to ride his dick.. There’s nothing worst than grown ass men groupies.. LMAO, y’all know who you are..! I meet Jeremiah in the Elevator by accident, he’s a crazy cool dude with the ability to spit some bars, caught me by surprise, a singer with Bars, now thats a crossover shakedown…. I was spitting crazy game to some chicks in the elevator, Jeremih ended up pipping them after I got them juiced up, oh well, I will catch them on the next video shoot for my turn.

Sheek Louch is the man, he had some incredible Models on Deck for his video Shoot. The quality of women was excellent, you know the Divas, the down to earth girls next door that are fineeeee. The Implant video vixens, I’m not madd about a Brazilian but lift ever, especially when its done right. Real Talk, I may have meet wifey at his shoot.. She is crazy sexy, got the chinky eye thing poppin off with a all natural body, thats stripperfied, fellas, & ladies that like ladies, you know what I’m saying. I apologize for drifting off yall, but in 2011, we keeping it 1000, it’s gonna be a sick year, lets party, laugh, love and enjoy the shit outta every moment..! Cause in 2012, I’m moving to the Moon wit the OBAMAS is elevating Hip Hop Culture back from the gutter, and putting an end to those other garbage, fake hip hop sites.

New York City, and the world as their witness…!   HipHopWorld.Com has arrived, prepare for the revolution, it will be televised ! The return of the even playing field…!

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About A. Griffin:
HIPHOPWORLD.COM is a Multi-Media Conglomerate, specializing in Internet Broadcasting, Artist Development, Management, Marketing, Music, and Film Production. Our mission is to provide the un-signed, ignored, and unknown talented artist the opportunity to succeed. We are a service provider for the Hip Hop World community. Hip Hop World will educate, prepare, promote, market, produce, film, and package new and existing artist. We will provide the resources, and platform giving artist the opportunity to enter the world stage.

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