It seems as though Da Brat disappeared from the face of the earth since her prison release in 2011 for aggravated assault. So what has she been up to? The Funkdafied rapper recently posted a song a few months back on YouTube titled “4 Walls”, describing her prison time and the experiences she had endured with other inmates. Whatever sex symbol she was portraying to be back in her previous albums, that went straight out the window as she is back to her original form when she first came out in the music scene – baggy jeans and bandannas. As she approaches the big 4-0, Da Brat should put away that style and bury it. The sophisticated look suited her best as she has done it numerous times for red carpet events. If she is going to fully come back in the music scene, expect to hear alot of “Oz” moments in her lyrics. For her sake, we hope not to hear that she’s back in the 4 Walls again.

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