Dame Dash & Beanie Segal

In a recent interview on the Star and Buc Wild show, Beanie Sigel revealed that fellow boss and friend Dame Dash owes the rapper a lot of money.

During the interview, Star asked about why Beanie never made an appearance on the show and asked was it because he was loyal to Dame Dash.
Beans responded:

“Naw I ain’t loyal to Dame, Dame owe me money! My own lawyer found Dame stole from me 11 million dollars.”

When Star asked whether or not we would hear a diss track about Dame or any kind of response, Beans replied:

“I’m passed that, it’s over and he filed for bankruptcy. I’ll have to spend a million dollars just to get a piece of paper that says someone whos me something. I haven’t seen or talked to Dame in 5 years. Beanie also referred to Dash’s support during his legal problems as a “façade” and nothing more than “smoke and mirrors.”

Beanie didn’t have too much to say when asked about fellow rapper Kanye West, but had plenty to say about ex drug dealer Tommy Hill. Beanie states “It’s a known fact that he’s a rat. We was in the same jail, Fairton,” said Beanie when asked about Hill. “I was in the hole and he was on the other side in protective custody. He’s a rat.”

Ironically, Hill appeared on the Star & Buc Wild Show back on December 15, 2010. Tommy Hill is a rapper from Philadelphia, former drug dealer, street hustler and one time associate of mobsters and drug kingpins. He testified against other drug dealers and did prison time. Now he plans to return to Philly to clear his name and get back into music.

This story is sad in my opinion: Its sounds like another rapper who felt they were robbed by his crew and then turned their backs by walking away. It also shows some rappers a lack of skills to handle business in a fashion where they aren’t being robbed by the industry.  As for Beanie it’s too late to try and get that money especially if Dame filed for Bankruptcy which means he doesn’t have any money to give. Always remember in the streets and in the rap world your closest friends and associates will be the ones to stab you in the back. A lesson I’m sure Beanie will never forget, maybe we will hear more from him in the future…….

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