deezle suing wayne 

In March of this year Deezle, the man who produced Lil Wayne’s hit “Lollipop”, filed suit against the New Orleans rapper and his Young Money/Cash Money label seeking $20 million. In the suit Deezle claimed that he was owed unpaid royalties from sales of the single and its parent album, Tha Carter III. Now, according to, Deezle has issued a statement regarding his lawsuit.

He says, in part, “After consultation with my team I have decided to make a statement as it relates to the litigation pending against Cash Money and Young Money. At this time I am owed a sufficient amount of money and will protect the rights afforded me by the State of New York. My team is of the opinion that the matter will be resolved in a timely fashion.” Deezle, born Darius Harrison, is also seeking $2.5 million in owed royalties for another Tha Carter III track he produced, “Mrs. Officer.

P.S. Wayne I see you finding yourself in all types of money woes. I think you should pay like you weigh Lil Weezy… Wayne doesn’t like to pay. List of some people he owes is the little ones of Young Money, IRS reportedly and now being sued by Deezle… He said like father like son and we all know Baby doesn’t like to pay according to BG and Juvenile. FYI led by example…

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