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Jan 23, 2011 A gunman opened fire inside a Detroit, Michigan police precinct on Sunday, wounding five officers including a commander before police shot and killed  him.The gunman walked in through the precinct’s revolving door shortly after 4 p.m. and opened fire indiscriminately at officers, police said. The officers fired back, killing the gun man.(CBS/WWJ/AP) Detroit’s police chief says four officers including a commander were wounded in the shooting at a precinct on Sunday.

Chief Ralph Godbee says the four do not have life threatening injuries, and it appears all of the officers will be OK. Godbee told CBS affiliate WWJ that the gunman, who was fatally shot, had a relative who was scheduled to be sentenced Monday in a double-homicide case.

The shooter was 37-year-old Lamar Moore of Detroit. Godbee told reporters Monday that he couldn’t say what triggered the shooting at the 6th precinct, located on Plymouth Road west of the Southfield Freeway. Sgt. Todd Eby told the Detroit Free Press that he was sitting at his desk at the precinct when the gunman walked in around 4:20 p.m. with a pistol grip shotgun and opened fire. He said officers shot back at the gunman, killing him.

“Utter chaos and pandemonium took place,” Police Chief Ralph Godbee said at a news conference. “We have a number of officers who are shaken up.”Godbee said the gunman has been identified but it was “too early to characterize” him while the investigation was ongoing. The chief said along with the commander, two sergeants and an officer were wounded, but none appeared to have life-threatening injuries.

Well that’s #Detroit… WE MAD! So Sad But True……

Watch the video here:


Watch the graffic video here very violent the left side show the gun man walking in. Other side show police defending them selves.

Lamar Moore the Shooter

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