Daniel Dwayne DiggySimmons III (born March 21, 1995) in New Jersey is an American rapper, fashion designer and blogger. He is the second son of Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons and with his second wife Justine Simmons, Diggy is fifteen years old. He is the fourth child of Joseph Simmons and is the elder brother to Russy Simmons and Miley Simmons the newest member of the Simmons family. He recently started in a new school and is dealing with issues like his family’s affluence and how he is financially different from the kids in school.

Daniel Simmons appears in Run’s House, an MTV reality series. Run’s House shows the Simmons family, from rapper-reverend-rapper Joseph Simmons to his second wife Justine. The two met through Zoe Ministries in which they serve. He is nicknamed “Diggy” and is younger brother to his three half-siblings Vanessa, Angela and Jojo. Justine raised all the kids as her own & they all refer to her as mom. The parents are practically dealing with various age groups and this factor makes the reality show even more interesting. Different issues arise as each individual grows up, as shown in season two of the reality show. Diggy is now dealing with growing pains and relationships in and outside the family. He appears to be the serious one because he is deeply involved in his studies and dealing with his personal issues.

Overall he is a great kid, very intelligent and does well in school, a fashion icon and role model for young teens. So congratulations to Diggy on a job well done. You’re Sick!!!!

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