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DMX has been out of prison for a little more than a month, but he’s already has written and came up with enough material to make up his next album. Speaking with Dallas, Texas’ 97.9 FM, Dark Man X revealed that he’s finished recording the new LP and is currently weighing his label options.

“Since I’ve been out, I recorded a whole new album,” said X, remaining mum on which label he’ll pick to release the offering. “Can’t really say yet.” In the meantime, X has already performed three shows and is currently filming a reality show, which doesn’t yet have a name.

“Bringing the kids together, I got like 10 kids,” said X of the show’s focus, which includes his six different baby’s mamas. “Six different personalities. I talk to them.


I know his ex wife is so embarrassed because she was so in love with DMX but good luck to both…

Look at the interview below:


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