I’ve been following Drizzy Drake for quite some time now, ever since he collaborated with Trey Songz for his “Replacement Girl” video. People I knew initially could not take him seriously all because he played an actor on a teen based show. However, I knew this artist would be something special. All he needed was the right label and mentor. And who else would be better suited for the job other than Weezy.

From his So Far Gone to his Thank Me Later to his now long awaited album Take Care, each project Drizzy has come out with has continually impressed me. Drake is the type of artist that will get raw when it’s time to, but he also shows his more sensitive side. Especially in his Take Care album, it presents a more vulnerable side from what his fans have witnessed in his first studio album. With tracks like “Take Care”, “Over My Dead Body” and “Marvin’s Room”, it is not hard to tell that Drake can become a bit emotional in his lyrics, revealing a side to him most rappers wouldn’t even dare to do. But that’s not a bad thing. He brings truth and authenticity in his content, producing better tracks in this album than the last. Dude can even sound good to the ladies even with what sound like a hangover or flu in his collaboration with J. Cole’s “In the Morning”. Like many fans, I do look forward to more future projects from Drizzy. I’m not quite sure how his next album will top his last two, but I’m sure it will be another long awaited album.

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