Drake & Jay Z

Back in early February 2011 rumors spread across the media stating that Drake is leaving Young Money to go and sign with RocNation, Jay Z’s label but according to BET. “Drizzy Drake is still waving the Young Money flag. This past weekend, gossip web site mediafakeout.com reported that the YM MC was plotting to jump Lil Wayne’s ship to join Jay-Z’s Roc Nation roster.”

For those who don’t know or who were asleep Drake is signed to Aspire/Young Money/Cash Money and has no plans to leave,” Drake’s publicist told XXLMag.com. Rumors of Drake’s departure surfaced as Cash Money boss Birdman and Jiggaman seem to be trading subliminal jabs two powerhouses going at it.

It all started when Birdman said Lil Wayne was more lyrical than Jay-Z and had more money than Hov during an interview with Tropical TV last year. Jay allegedly responded on him and Kanye West’s “H.A.M.” It says;

“Nigga’s fantasize about the shit that I do daily/like these rappers rap about all the shit that I do really/I’m like really half a billie/nigga, you got baby money/keep it real with nigga’s, nigga’s ain’t got my lady money.”

I loved this verse by Jay Z because it’s all true. Baby may think he’s running with the best rapper alive but hell noooo! Lil Wayne that’s something different me personally, I think he is wack just being honest. Lil Wayne better than Jay Z never!!! But on behalf of Drake I don’t think he has the balls to leave Lil Wayne after he made him a huge star. I believe someone may get hurt behind something like that if you know what I mean…

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