Earlier this month of May it was reported that rap artist Bone 22 years old was shot in the head twice and killed Sunday Night in his hometown Inglewood California. Authorities were trying to determine a motive in the drive-by shooting when the rapper stopped at a liquor store after leaving a recording studio in the 400 block of North La Brea Avenue, police said. According to police the shooter fired from a vehicle that pulled up alongside Talbert’s car, according to police. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.The artist is known for his sinuous moves, Talbert set off a national dance craze
with his hip-hop group, Cali Swag District. The group had just recorded a follow-up to the platinum hit “Teach Me How to Dougie,” according to associates. Publicist Greg Miller said the shooting appeared to be an act of random violence, but authorities said they had not established a motive.”We haven’t gotten any information he was the target of anything,” said Lt. Steve Overly of the Inglewood Police Department.

P.S. It’s a shame how we are still killing each other. Please Stop the Violence!!!


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