Eclectic yet versatile, the 23 year old songstress Elle Varner speaks volumes on her debut album Perfectly Imperfect. While her voice resembles similar tones of Chrisette Michelle, she stands out from her diverse genres of beats. One of  her first hits “Only wanna give it to you” featuring J. Cole sets the old school hip hop tone, but doesn’t lead her listeners in one direction. “Refill” blends a country feel with acoustic rhythms to complement her style of music as she describes what it feels like to be intoxicated on love. Another track “Not Tonight” leaves you feeling soft and wanting more of what her vocals can offer. Varner presents something new to the table with Perfectly Imperfect. A bit emotional yet, carefree, she sings about her vulnerability, ultimately expressing who she is as an artist. “Leaf” definitely proves just how she longs love as she professes being there for someone. She ends the album with the track “So Fly”, flirting with confidence in an upbeat feel good tempo. Musically pleasing, Perfectly Imperfect brings a rare form of r&b that we desperately need. Not giving too much, but not too little, Varner’s album could be one of the best albums of r&b for 2012.

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