Eminem and RoyceDaFive9 decided to put their differences aside and make music together again after all the beef with D-12 things are now good between them.. I don’t know if you all knew but Royce was signed with Eminem before D-12 and was set to blow up but it never happened because of a dispute.. I wouldn’t even call it an argument or dispute until D-12 wanted to take things to another level with violence.. What ever the reason that is not a good way to dispute arguments. Food for thought the fella’s should have sat down like grown men and settled their issues right then and there. Or agree to disagree and keep it moving.

So I believe after the Detroit Rapper/Actor Proof was killed on E. 8 Mile at a club for unknown valid reasons and to this day I still cant understand it. I believe all the guys had an eye opener and thought life is too short for bullshit especially after being friends and doing music so long with each other. Its about time they re-united where they came out with a hot song called “Echo”.. They also released a song called “Living Proof” paying homage to Eminem’s best friend in the world.. Hopefully since it looks like Royce DaFive9 will be given another chance by being signed to Shady Records he wont mess it up with all his arrogant behavior.. Oh just my opinion Royce I seen you on the hood star videos. Try the humble route it will take you far and much love to both of them because we need people willing to help other Detroit rapper’s with getting their music out there and heard among the masses.

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RiRi RocStarr

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