Did you know that George Lucas was behind the Movie “Red Tails”? This movie, based on the real life events of the Tuskegee Airmen has an all black cast. In fact it is the highest budgeted all-black movie to date ($58 million). Lucas has been trying to make this move for over 20 years. He finally decided to fund most of it himself. Then when it was time for marketing and distribution, he couldn’t get anyone to fund or distribute it. He was told “we don’t know how to market a movie like this” . Well if you watch the trailer, you will notice that there have been hundreds of movies like this made over the course of movie history. The fly in the ointment, is also the raisin in the oatmeal, or the chocolate chip in the cookie. That’s right, dem colored boys done fucked it up for everyone again.

George Lucas, could not get money for one of his movies. Let me repeat more clearly. Billionaire George (I can purchase the whole black race and have them work on skywalker ranch) Lucas couldn’t get a studio or major distribution company to back this film because it was littered with Negros. This isn’t just my opinion. This came from the mouth of  Lucas himself. He also went on to say that he feared that if the movie didn’t do well, there may never be another opportunity for black film makers to have a moreprominent position in the industry.

So what have we learned here boys and girls? Hollywood can but billions of dollars into just about any movie in the land short of porn and have the confidence that they can make a buck from it . . . as long as there is someone white lurking about prominently in the movie. That is unless you are Denzel, or Morgan , or will, and they had to have white costars for years until the “mainstream” was convinced that they would’t be slipping into their daughters bedroom window to fuck her in the ass and then leave with big T.V. in the living room.

There was a line in a Kevin Smith movie called “Chasing Amy” where a black comic book artist said that “Darth Vader was the blackest man in the galaxy and his visage was destroyed when he was revealed to be a shriveled up old white man”. Lucas knew what he was doing. He knew the true power of the dark side..

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