I just love science. I find it terribly fascinating. I darted briefly across the subject of evolution in on of my earlier articles. I stated that we are here, walking around, because we evolved this way. Of course, we haven’t stopped evolving. Things are slowly changing around us, and thus creating slow changes on and within us. If you are over 30 years old, you may remember the callus that formed on your middle finger from writing all the time? Mine is completely gone, because I type just about everything that I am not saying to (or screaming at) someone. Every now and then, I wonder what all of this typing and mouse-holding will do to our hands? What strange ‘claw’ will develop at the end of your children, or your children’s-children’s arms? See, isn’t science fun?

With this in mind, I saw an article today on’ CNN Health‘, that reports on a study of our brain, and socializing. A study in the Nature Neuroscience Journal reveals that there is a correlation between the size of our amygdala and the size and complexity of our social network. The amygdala, which are two almond-shaped formations in both halves of the brain, help to control among other things, emotion, vision, memory, and social interactions. Now it seems that the larger and more complex our network of friends, family, and associates are, the larger our amygdala is. What the long term affects for a larger amygdala is, I am not certain. However, if we’re lucky, all of those pathetic simps, with more than 400 Facebook friends will have their amygdala explode in their skulls, immediately causing brain death. This way we will no longer be subject to their irritating and tiresome updates. I believe its already happening to Mark Zuckerberg, by the bulging of his eyes during interviews.  Or perhaps thats just anxiety over the possibility of finally getting caught for scamming those extremely large-headed twins from Harvard. They may also be possible social-amygdala victims in waiting.

I wonder what else could transform from over-use on our bodies? It would be really great if our penises could expand in volume every 17th time we had sex. It would be an incentive for women to give it up more, which would be a win-win situation. Then again, if our feet got bigger every 11 miles we walked, we would have ‘Shaq-sized’ feet within a couple of years. And then Paris Hilton feet a few years after that. I think I’m gonna start ripping phone books apart for an hour everyday. This way I’ll be ready to fend off your lobser children when I get old.

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