Fantasia Barrino’s team is dismissing rumors she’s currently pregnant by her boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, who she began dating while he was still married to his ex-wife, Paula. Although the American Idol alum was previously pregnant by Cook (she later admitted to aborting the baby during Cook’s divorce proceeding), her manager, Brian Dickens, is blaming her recent weight gain on an upcoming movie role. He told RadarOnline:

“Fantasia is 100% not pregnant. The only thing she’s pregnant with is prosperity.”

“In fact, she’s just signed on to play the lead in Mahalia and has been told to gain 30 to 45 pounds for the role.”

Wow, congrats Fanny! This makes up for your losing the Effie role in Dreamgirls to Jennifer Hudson. The film will be a big-screen version of the 1993 book Got to Tell It: Mahalia Jackson, Queen of Gospel, and is slated for a December release. Hopefully, this will help Fanny get her mojo back…things have been a little off for her ever since she started sleeping with that woman’s husband. SN: Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the legendary Mahalia Jackson, LOOK HER UP (it is Black History Month after all), and then check out the video below of her brief appearance in the classic film, Imitation of Life:

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