We haven’t reached a full month in the new year and already we have our new internet sensation. I present to you Ted Williams, hobo extraordinaire . Ted here, who looks like Liono from the Thunder Cats after losing one too many with Mumra, happens to have a professionally trained radio voice. He had a job on the radio, but lost it due to drugs and alcohol.

The same vices that got him begging for money on the side of the roads in Cleveland. Fortunately for Ted someone came along, video taped him, and put him on the internet. Well you know what happens then. Then, all of the disgusting bums of society starting popping up. Thats right, the corporations came a runnin. Now Ted has job offers from Kraft, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and a litany of other jobs. Jobs that they could have gotten 100,000 other people to do. But according to the Cavaliers, they did it because it was a good story and wanted to give him a second chance. . . . . . REALLY?

With all the people that have lost their homes because they lost their jobs, I would say there is more than enough applicants to fill that spot. In fact many of them probably don’t have a history of drug and alcohol abuse or a prison record as titanium Ted here. And if you did have any of those things and went in for a job interview, you would be lucky if you weren’t kicked in the balls and thrown in the dumpster by the loading docks. But Ted here brings something else to the table. He brings tons and tons of free publicity. And who could use it more than the dejected Cavaliers? Lebron got the 7 year itch and left them in a cold and lonely bed by themselves. So they cruise the internet and pick up some bum with 9 kids and a rap sheet. Sound familiar? This is the type of stuff that pays Maury Povich’s mortgage.

And if you think I’m just some hating cynical cocksucker, then take a look at this SHIT. These parasites actually kept this man from his mother and threatened to keep him longer in a battle for the TV ratings of the staged reunion. The saddest part of this video for me is when Ted tells his mom that “Al” is his only friend. I just shook my head cuz that means he has no friends. These are just leaches sucking onto the next big thing. And make no mistake, just like super gay, ghetto ass, Antoine Dodson, I have no animosity towards either of the men. They are taking advantage of the situation presented to them, as would I. In fact, I think I’m gonna strip naked and run around singing in the streets until somebody gives me some money . . . or kicks me in the balls.

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