In case I never mentioned it, I am not above violence, retribution, or vigilanteism. I am above begging for “strange”, but that’s another post all together. I think most of us love our families and the idea of family. I do too . . . . sometimes, and thats why it just breaks my heart when I see someone destroying a family. It brings out the worst in me and I feel something needs to be done. That’s why I’m putting a bounty on the head, gullet, rolls, folds, and hocks of this family destroyer.

This is Donna Simpson, otherwise known as a fucking disgusting pig, of New Jersey. Donna is sitting down to a holiday meal that carries with it  30,000 calories. Was there a food drive at her house and the homeless forgot to show upyou ask?  Is her house on the other end of a see-saw and she has to weigh down her end to save it? Is she trying to create a gravity field around her body so she doesn’t have to reach for the remote control anymore? NO, NO,  and NO! This cellulite beast is trying to become not only the fattest women on earth, but the fattest mom on earth as well. Thats right, over the course of 2 hours this manatee ingested :
2 portions of 25lb oven roasted turkeys
2 portions of 15lb maple glazed hams
10lbs of roast potatoes
5lbs of mashed potatoes
5lbs of chopped carrots
5lbs of sweetcorn
5lbs of roasted butternut squash
5 parcels of house-baked bread
4 pints of cranberry relish
4 pints of home-made gravy
5lbs of herbed stuffing
1 tray of mixed green salad including salad dressing.
And for dessert ate a ‘salad’ made of marshmallow, cream cheese, whipped cream and cookies
all so she can break a world record . . . and the hip bones of any human male she tries to ride. She contends eating makes her happy. She contends people watching her eat makes them happy. She contends that making people happy, makes her happy.  Question: How happy will her family  of 1 husband and 2 children be when her heart eventually explodes in her chest from stress. This selfish bitch is almost assuredly going to deprive her children of a mother just so fat lovers can give her attention and praise. Fuck the attention her family needs. Apparently thats not enough. She needs the admiration of men who want to slather German chocolate cake frosting  on her naturally size C, but fat induced size FF breasts. This is the diseased mind of people today. Fuck the innocent, I have to delude myself so I wont eat from depression. I’ll just eat from gluttony. And the hilarious part is that this sow actually thinks she’s healthy . . . even as she breaks a sweat hitting the breaks on the scooter she rides because she cant walk anymore!!  Will someone blow torch the fat off this monster? Can you trim her pork with a sithe? Lippo this hippo with tent pole will you?  I know my pleas go in vein, but I promise you this. I will revisit this story with video footage of a worms eye view of her sweat falling like rain when that massive cardiac event takes place. It’ll probably be the tribute page of her  website.

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I am THE CSS. Those of you who know me know that I am a man who says pretty much what is on his mind. At times I seem to have little regard for the thoughts or feelings of others. I have been labeled a robot, a monster, detached, and other unfavorable things in my short lifetime. Less than a handful however have ever queried as to why that might be. And to be quite fair, I haven’t extended an invitation to my “inner demons”. Well that is about to change. ... Read More..

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