Nothing makes Americans happier than a revolution in an Arabic nation. And by Americans, I mean the White House and Congress. It just works on so many levels. They have another spot to plant a ‘puppet’ president, who is eligible for his social security benefits once he’s ousted from office. They have one more shining example of ‘the end justifies the means’ when they launch another campaign for blow up brown people, for black oil. And of course, it brings them one step closer to the one-world government that they and their buddies have been inching towards for years now.

But hey, the Egyptians are happy with it, so who the hell am I to complain? Yeah those mummy-making misfits are dancing in the streets, with every pickled-pharaoh they can dig up. After 18 days of civil unrest, the citizens have finally succeeded in forcing Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, from his seat of power. I freely admit politics, let alone international politics, is my strong suit. For all I know, the Egyptian people wanted Mubarak out of office because he was hiring illegal Mexicans to run the Pyramid tours for below minimum wage.  If he was truly a bad guy then two things are certain, it was time for him to go, and it was more likely because he pissed America off. History is replete with fiendish friends of America going rogue, and then getting spanked by Uncle Sam. You have Muammar Gaddafi, Ruhollah Khomeini, Nikolai Volkoff, and the Iron Sheik, just to name a few. Lets not forget public scapegoat #1, Saddam Hussein. They danced from the cities of Iraq and the  pig troughs of Iowa when he was cast out. Yet I’m still subject to a prostate exam before I can board my flight.

Even Soul brotha #1 is dancing a jig (no pun intended). President Obama has officially given his blessing on the regime change in Egypt. He even went so far as to praise the way the Egyptian people banded together and struggled to bring down an unwanted government. I wonder if he’ll be grinning like that when there is a mob sitting in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., when we all get tired of the shit going on here? I know I’m tired of having my rights stripped away like an onion. I know I’m tired of being lied to about these fake ‘terror attempts’ that the government always seem to catch ‘ just in time ‘. I know I’m tired of legislative attempts to infiltrate and compromise one of the last free places left in this country, the internet. Yes my fellow revolutionaries, after the Egyptian government ‘shut down’ the net in their country, some wondered if that could happen here? According to this article, they weren’t the only ones wondering the same thing. It seems that our government has already tried to pass a bill to give the ‘pres’ power to shutdown the net. Of course it’s for the purposes of homeland security only. :-| That’s my ‘dead stare’ smiley face. I’m waiting for them to make the ‘this is bullshit/they’re just jerking us off ‘ smiley.

Like I said, I hope Barrack doesn’t start chain smoking while we’re singing ‘Fight The Power’ on his front lawn. Now that I think about it, since he was just the sucker set up to take the blame for this country’s decline, he won’t be around when the revolution starts. He’ll have long since lost his bid for reelection, and have gone back to Hawaii to resume control of his chain of Obama Fried Chicken franchises.  They will have already brought in their super-savior republican, to lead us down the dark tunnel and into the light. He’ll promise everyone a job and a fantastic place to live (insert ‘ jerking us off ‘ smiley). Us conscious folks will be awake and waiting. Bring it on President Trump. I’m practicing my two-step, just for you.

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