The fifth album for the Maybach Empire is vastly different among Rick Ross’ previous studio albums. The album begins with an intro “Pray For Us”, featuring a short audio clip of a thug’s prayer famously known in John Singleton’s Baby Boy flick, setting the tone and obvious reason for the title of his album. With more r&b style tracks featured in this project, Ross makes it known that the ladies always have to be looked out for. With tracks like “Touch N’You”, a song about him expressing his lust and all day thoughts of his lady and “Diced Pineapples”, which compares a female to a delectable fruit, the teflon don doesn’t disappoint with these hits. Featuring Wale (which seems to have become the lost hip hop poet thanks to the “Diced Pineapples” track), Drake, Andre 3000 and Nas, Ross maintains his street cred and reminds his fans that he’s still the boss. While tracks such as “3 Kings”, “Pirates” and “So Sophisticated” brings out that hardcore feel, Ross somehow tells a dark story throughout from beginning to end. The album cover also speaks for itself. While many may disagree with the depiction of the don as an imitator of a religious figure, the songs featured on his fifth project does not dissatisfy, leaving us wanting more.

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