Gucci Mane"s New Tattoo

Gucci Mane’s New Tattoo!

The Atlanta Super Star Rap Artist tattoos his face almost a week after being released from the psychiatric hospital. It’s a tattoo of an ice cream cone, with the word brrr and a lightning bolt. The ink was completed by tattoo artist Shane Willoughby, according to piercer Jason Murray, who posted photos of the two on his Twitter account. The reason why Gucci was committed is because of his statement in court. The rapper states in court on Jan. 3 that he was unable to “intelligently participate in his probation hearing because he was not competent”.  He was then committed to a mental health facility, where he was to be evaluated. Gucci is accused of violating his probation by reportedly getting in an altercation during a November traffic stop. It is unclear why he was released or what it means for his probation status.

The reason I believe Gucci Mane tatted his face is because that’s his choice as a man. Maybe he was venting in his own way and since he loves tattoos may be this was something that made him feel better after being released from the mental facility. Either way Gucci is not crazy, this is man a who has problems just like everyone else in the world, the only difference is he is being watched because his rap status. In the rap game we call them the Hip Hop Police so rappers watch your asses and make smarter decisions..  What Gucci needs is rehab because he cant stop getting high!  Here are other opinions on Gucci Mane’s reason for tatting his face:

According to Clutch Blog on MTV some here are some reasons why Gucci Mane got the tattoo on his face:

1. It’s nonstop, no fail advertising for his record label So Icey. Even though a blue slushie or a solid ice cube would’ve done the trick too.

2. Since he’s a man who knows how to accessorize and does it so wonderfully, the new ink could allow him to wear pastels more often, not to mention that “iced-out” cone he likes to dangle from his neck.

3. Maybe ice cream was his last meal at the mental house just before he stopped by Tenth Street Tattoo in Atlanta. Once there, it was the first thing he could think of.

4. The most likely reason for Gucci to get the tattoo though? It backs up his “Special Plea of Mental Incompetency.”

This is serious! Gucci is Knocked Out!

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