The Hip-Hop world is still in a state- of-shock over the untimely passing of HIP-HOP HEAVY WEIGHT HEAVY D aka the self-proclaimed Over Weight Lover!

Born Dwight Arrington Myers, Heavy D was the absolute fusion of Hip-Hop and Reggae.  A native of Mandeville, Jamaica he was an American actor, rapper, record producer, singer and former leader of the group, Heavy D & the Boyz!

Heavy D & the Boyz were the first group signed to Uptown Records; their debut album, “Living Large,” was released in 1987.  The album was a success, but their second album “Big Tyme” was ground breaking and included four hits: “We Got Our Own Thang,”  “Somebody for Me,” “Gyrlz, They Love Me,” and “Big Time.”

Heavy D & the Boyz gained even more fame by singing the theme song for TV shows:  In Living Color and MADtvHeavy D also worked with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, rapping on his hit single “JAM!”

Heavy D then began focusing on his acting, appearing in various television shows before finally returning to the music charts as a solo artist with “Nuttin’ But Love.”  Heavy D was referenced in the song “JUICY” by the Notorious BIG and likewise, appeared in Biggie’s music video for “One More Chance.”  Heavy D, always one to stay in touch with his roots, remade the Jamaican hit song:  “Now that We’ve Found Love”—Third World’s 1978 smash hit!

After stepping out of the lime light for a while, Heavy D committed himself to giving back to the youth, a decision that was influenced by the death of his band mate, Trouble T. Roy, who passed at the age of 22 due to a fatal fall.  His work for the ‘Stop the Violence’ and ‘All in the Same Game’ projects inspired many and continue to do so years later.


Heavy D performed at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards in October of this year.  It was his first liver performance in over 15 years!  Myers, passed on November 8th in Los Angeles, California at the age of 44.  After collapsing outside of his Beverly Hills home ‘Heavy’ was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  It has been reported that his death was caused by pneumonia symptoms that were aggravated by a heart attack!

Heavy D was pioneering new projects that were true to his roots, he was fusing—elements of hip-hop and reggae in unprecedented ways!

Rest Peacefully Heavy D!


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