2012 Presidential candidate Herman Cain is one of those funny ass kissers who is so immersed in the white mans ass that he may

have a stroke after he is shitted out once his usefulness has evaporated. As I have stated in the past, politics are not a big interest of mine due to the fraudulent and corrupt nature of this American beast. However, every once in a while I see things that cause me to put my venom to work. Cain is running as a republican, which as he states himself, is unfairly demonized by the black populous of the U.S. I agree to a degree as I have been told myself that some of my views and “politics” are shared by the core of the Republican party. This in my opinion only supports my stance that nothing is absolute, and spillage is evident in all aspects of life. Cain however seems to embody every demonic stereotype of a republican and worse yet, a black republican.

Cain stated when asked about the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, “Don’t blame big banks. If you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself”. This can easily be interpreted as the stereotype that people (in particularly black people) are just lazy and don’t want to work, therefore they are not successful. In some of his campaign literature he states that ” Our founding fathers did their job . . . a great job.” You know our founding fathers, George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson being the more notable ones.They helped build this great nation. Well they probably told their slaves to do the building while they sat on their porches sipping on a Mint Julep. Maybe he was referring to the mighty constitution which protected slavery and slave traders from any prosecution. I’m sure in Cain’s mind, old George would have invited him into his home for a nice big slice of apple pie, and maybe even let him fuck Martha while George jacked off into the American flag while he watched.

This level of Tom-ing is just so egregious that it turns my stomach. Obama had to be light skinned and lie his ass off about what he was going to do for all people in order for him to be elected president. Cain thinks he’s going to tell the poor, and under privileged  ethnic groups that he is going to have a national bend over and un-lubricated fuck you session for the next four years and that’s going to get him elected? What type of people would even vote for someone like that? Exactly, the ones who will benefit. The white, or the rich or the privileged, which are usually one in the same. That’s calling being a “Tom”. That’s called boot licking. That’s called ass kissing. That’s called being a house nigga. And it’s also called being delusional. If Cain paid attention to his constituents, he would realize that the vast majority of Americans have little to no knowledge of political issues or tax this or deficit that.

Here are the things that they know and that you should know too Cain. They are tired of being poor and becoming poorer. They still don’t like you darker colored  . . . colored folks. A study as recent as 2007 proved this still to be true. And last but not least,  you’re bald motha fucka. America is so superficial that it can’t have a bald man as president. Look it up. The last bald president we had was Dwight Eisenhower back in 1953. It’s not a coincidence that we have bald popes, CEO’s, mayors, governors, and even movie stars, but no bald presidents. Why do you think  ”America’s Mayor”, Rudy Giuliani, who was more of a Nazi than you could ever hope to be couldn’t make it to office. It was because he was bald. McCain was trying to hide it but in the end it didn’t save him. They chose a half black smoker with a full head of hair. What chance do you think you will have? The good news is, you’ll always be welcome in some white(mans)house to serve for at least four years, if you’re a good boy.

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