Cherry Darling : Burst onto the scene, like lightening, setting the industry on fire, in front and behind the scenes…! An Incredible women on all levels, she has crazy skill sets.. A true professional HipHop dancer, Model, Video Vixen, Actress, fashion coordinator.. The perfect middle women for your next deal, when you need everything to go smooth..  Cherry Darling is here, and you are not ready..!

Music Trac: “Passenger Seat”   by BILLIONZ, the hottest new rapper out of Brooklyn, with sick lyrics and dope beats he’s prime to be one of the Kings of New York…!

Hit us up for those artist promotions is elevating Hip Hop Culture back from the gutter, and putting an end to those other garbage, fake hip hop sites.

New York City, and the world as their witness…!   HipHopWorld.Com has arrived, prepare for the revolution, it will be televised ! The return of the even playing field…!

Filmed & Edited By

CEO: J. Alphonso Griffin

VP: Victor Flowers

Graphics: France ” U Conn ” Connect

Artist:  Cherry Darling

Dope Track: Billionz ” Passenger Seat ”

Photographer: Desi “Adios Mio ” Adorn

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About A. Griffin:
HIPHOPWORLD.COM is a Multi-Media Conglomerate, specializing in Internet Broadcasting, Artist Development, Management, Marketing, Music, and Film Production. Our mission is to provide the un-signed, ignored, and unknown talented artist the opportunity to succeed. We are a service provider for the Hip Hop World community. Hip Hop World will educate, prepare, promote, market, produce, film, and package new and existing artist. We will provide the resources, and platform giving artist the opportunity to enter the world stage.

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