Who are Hip Hop Honeys?

Hip hop Honeys are sexy confident woman who can tantalize the male, and female demographic using her body, mind and sometime her soul. Hip hop honeys are also known as video vixens. A vixen is that woman who can walk into a room unannounced command the room, and control her environment by create interest with her overwhelming presence.

What makes a Hip Hop Honey?

To be a Honey the female must be physically extremely beautiful, educated, confident, simultaneously insatiable and demure. A vixen doesn’t need a man to get her the finer things in life, but expects it on the strength of her beauty, and love alone.  A vixen is a woman full of curves in all the right places and a style always befitting. A vixen is beyond a show piece. She is what makes the item sell in a culture that is dominated and driven by sexual presentations and money.

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hip hop honey milli
video vixen - cherry hip hop honey delissa
hip hop honey tiffany mone  hip hop honey sade and karen


hip hop honey yvez-nunez

The Honey’s Role

A Hip hop honey’s job is to represent the artist by providing the perception of success. She adds an irreplaceable visual presence and depth to the quality of a video, that enhances the presentation the artist male or female is conveying to their audience. A vixen must be naturally sensual, creating and or knowing the latest dance moves to entice people to copy them.

This will lead to increased sales and profits for the artists and label. A vixen is required to live in the land of makebelieve and appear as if they are the love interest of the artist regardless of how many love interests the artist might be perceiving to have. The honey’s job is to be the ultimate eye candy of the moment, she is the definition of temptation.  When it’s about her it only going to be about her, as she handle’s her business in a cool, calm and collected manner at all times.

The ultimate goal of a true vixen is to become a icon, goddess like in our society that transcend physical beauty and becomes Rock Star status.

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