This summer, cars and trucks in the ‘Dirty-South’ were all bumpin’—seemingly the same song… “WATCH THIS” by dirty-dirty rapper FUTURE who dropped his Dirty Sprite mix-tape, earlier this year!

FUTURE is the ‘master-mind’ behind Yung Chris’ smash hit “Racks!” Racks on Racks on Racks…Yes…that one…!  Like many rappers, FUTURE is on his mix-tape grind—but unlike many rappers, FUTURE is kyllin’ the mix-tape game!  His latest mix tape, entitled TRUE STORY features the hit single “TONY MONTANA!”

Regarded as an instant hit, the song garnered the attention of YOUNG MONEY rapper, Drake, who spit his standard bars on the track.

“Yeah—he reached out to me.  I salute him for even being on the record, that says a lot about his character…and [I salute him] for shedding more light on the record…giving his fans a chance to hear FUTURE for the first time,” said Future, regarding Drake’s presence on the record.

Unfortunately, Drake did not make an appearance in the video, despite constant attempts by FUTURE’s camp to accommodate Drake’s schedule—from Toronto to New York.   The Young Money rapper chalked-up his absence to having no time to be in the video, because he had to be in the studio—to finish his album.  Since Drake could not do the video, his verse was removed from the song.

“It was a gift and a curse [that Drake was not in the video] because the story-line wouldn’t have connected how we was trying to present it—So it was a gift he didn’t show up because we got the chance to a make a movie,” said FUTURE.

FUTURE’s star status is apparent, as the TONY MONTANA video—featured on, has been up for less than a month—and already has over 1 million hits!   Shot in Santo Domingo, DR— the video illustrates a likeness to gangsta flicks: Carlito’s Way (produced by Elliott Kastner) and Shottas (produced Cess Silvera)!  Not to get it twisted though, it is no copy- cat version—in fact, it is executed so well, that it truly feels like a movie.  FUTURE sums it up best in one of his TONY MONTANA verses… “My life is a movie, I gotta’ stay focused.”

Not only is FUTURE working on to his next single, MAGIC—he has a little advice for anyone coming up in the game…

“Don’t get caught up in what a person hasn’t done for you, just use it as a tool to make you go harder.”


About Kasheba:

Ka’Ja Johnson is a journalist from New York City! While working closely and consistently with COMCAST Media, BET-J, MTV2, JUMPOFF.TV, C.I.N. and now, Ka’Ja has been able to pioneer, hands-on experience with education—making her an ultimate hustler. A woman on the grind, Ka’Ja has interviewed celebrities: singers, athletes, actors, models fashion designers etc.

“I definitely think that Journalists and bloggers alike should have a responsibility to report with integrity! No lies, no hype, just the facts—and the story should pretty much write itself!”

When asked, who her favorite Hip-Hop artists the game right now? Ka’Ja looks like a kid in a candy store, “Tinie Tempah, Tyga, Jay-Z, Swizz BeatZ’, Jadakiss—and YES I STILL LOVE TUPAC! Also too, I’d wish Eve would come out with a new album but I do like some of Nicki Minaj’s stuff!!

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